Prior Events

See a selection of prior Carpe Noctis Events here to learn about some the unique experiences we've crafted. At Carpe Noctis, we practice what we preach - which means we always have been and will be working diligently to bring you more unique nightlife, cultural, and artistic events in Miami.

Artisanal Mezcal Tasting - Nov 2022

Mezcal is smoky sister to tequila with rich origins in the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Like tequila, it is distilled from agave, but unlike tequila, mezcal gets a unique, complex, smokey flavor from the slow cooking of the agave plants before the distilling process begins.

We gathered at Baby Jane in Brickell (across from the Icon Hotel) to join an expert guided tasting of SACRVM's artisanal mezcals while enjoying asian fusion appetizers provided by Baby Jane. We finished the event with an included mezcal-based craft cocktail and time to socialize and ask the SACRVM mezcal experts questions.

The guided mezcal tasting, delicious appetizers, and craft cocktail were all included with a ticket purchased below.