Our Team

Learn more about our international team at Carpe Noctis Ventures LLC, based in Miami, FL.

Sean | Founder

Sean started Carpe Noctis to involve cultural, artistic, and creative elements in Miami's nightlife scene. Now, he focuses on creating unique experiences both in Miami and abroad. Prior to Carpe Noctis, his experience includes stints as a Management Consultant, Chief of Staff, and Startup Advisor. Sean is a startup nerd with a passion for novel experiences - whether through nightlife, travel, cuisine, virtual reality, or other cultural nodes.

Dinorah | Chief Of Staff

Dinorah is a sociologist and influencer, dedicated to sharing lifestyle, motherhood, and travel experiences. She's profoundly committed and passionate about work, thriving on new challenges and forging connections with diverse individuals. She's true passion lies in marketing and crafting creative strategies to nurture digital communities. She's highly creative and proactive by nature

Polo | Head of Sales

Polo has experience in sales, management of online stores, and a leadership role at one of the biggest proprietary trading firms in the country. He is passionate about solving the need to couple the existing hospitality industry with unique experiences, joining Carpe Noctis to help fulfill that gap. Polo strives to provide our guests with the best service possible. His focus is placed on hosting unforgettable experiences and making sure all of your needs are met. Polo's vision is to curate a growing network of individuals passionate about nightlife and other community events.

Favi | Promoter

Favi is a passionate fitness, travel, and car enthusiast who fell into photography as a way to capture his experiences and memories immortally. Dabbling in promoting, and playing a valuable role in brainstorming sessions, Favi focuses on creating content from Carpe Noctis events for the website, social media accounts, and other platforms.

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