Miami VIP Experiences

Carpe Noctis itself hosts and organizes a variety of pre-planned and private VIP experiences in Miami, including but not limited to:

  • Nightclubs
  • Pool Parties and Dayclubs
  • Private Venue Reservations
  • Mansions and Penthouses
  • Restaurant Reservations and Dinner Parties
  • Yacht Rentals and Boating Events
  • Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties
  • Corporate, Board, and Nonprofit Events
  • and much more!

 Please contact us below with what you're looking for and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Jungle Refuge

A 5-bedroom treehouse mansion awaits nestled in the jungle, complete with a natural swimming pool, large jacuzzi, concert/event space, two commercial kitchens (indoor and outdoor), multiple offices, living area with piano, and more. The jungle refuge is a private, natural retreat in South Florida fit for wellness retreats, board and corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, overnight retreats, and more.



MAD Club

The flagship club of Dirty Rabbit Group and the only club in Wynwood, Miami's Art District, open until 5am. Mad Club invests in top entertainment, visuals, sound, and lighting systems, earning it the moniker the "E11even of Wynwood." The music generally trends towards reggaetón mixed with EDM flair. 



Dirty Rabbit

Wynwood's best-known venue. A large, indoor-outdoor, latin club/bar with spicy themes, large crowds even on off nights, and low bottle pricing. A most-see for reggaetón lovers seeing Miami for the first time. If you want bottles of champagne, hookah, and aguardiente in a mostly-outdoor club, Dirty Rabbit is the place for you.



Daer Dayclub/Nightclub

The Hardrock Casino's signature pool party and ultralounge nightclub. It hosts the largest pool party in Southern Florida and is known by locals for being "Vegas-style." Daer attracts A-list talent, especially on Saturdays, and for special events often sells out of VIP sections.



Bottled Blonde

A large club/sports bar in Wynwood, and the latest location of the national Bottled Blonde chain of bars/clubs. Bottled Blonde is the best place in Miami to catch sporting events in an animated atmosphere, including fight nights, basketball games, and football games. Often sold out for game nights, Bottled Blonde transitions into a nightclub as the night progresses.



BOHO House

The most bohemian venue in Miami. BOHO House is famous as a relaxing, Tulum-like venue to sip craft cocktails, have a bit to eat, and see well-known house music artists perform in an intimate setting. BOHO House recently completed a large, beautiful private event space available for booking.




A Moroccan and Spanish-inspired restaurant and lounge. Known for live DJs, fresh food, and friendly staff. Sha is often booked for private networking and corporate events.




A nautical, fantasy Peruvian-American fusion restaurant and lounge on one of Wynwood's most popular blocks. Crusoe is a great location for private dinner and happy hour events, with a separate back space outfitted with booths, tables, a bar, and a Bluetooth projector.


Space and Floyd

The most famous House and EDM venues in Miami.  Owned by Insomniac of the EDC festivals. VIP sections and even entry tickets often sell out ahead of famous artists, especially in tourist seasons. Space is open 24/7 most weekends.



The large, iconic Miami Beach nightclub located in the historic Fontainebleau Resort. Nearly always booked with A-list performances. VIP pricing varies based on view and floor level.




As mentioned in Drake songs. Miami's (in)famous nightclub/stripclub combination venue ("ultraclub"), booking artists as well-known as Travis Scott and acrobatic performers reminiscent of those seen at Cirque du Soleil. Like Space, E11even is open 24/7 most weekends.


Mr. Jones

A hip-hop centric South Beach venue with a unique, VIP tables-only approach. Small with quick service and a high performer-guest ratio. Famous for "flying," ridable contraptions that move suspended above the first floor of the club, including imitation motorcycles to UFOs, pirate ships, and cars, and more. Bottles run at the high end of Miami's pricing, though table minimums are in-line with other venues.



Komodo Lounge

The lounge mini-nightclub above the well-known Komodo restaurant in Brickell Miami. Often hip-hop centric music with dark lighting and a crowded dance floor. Reasonable bottle pricing and table reservations.



...and more available on request.

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