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About Us

The Nightlife Industry thinks you only care about the DJ and Venue. The Hospitality and Travel Industries think you'll settle for a standard, mass-produced experience. We know you, your friends, and your Company better.

Carpe Noctis Ventures LLC was established in 2022 to create unique nightlife, cultural, and artistic events for the vibrant communities of Miami. We brought our experience and connections within the local Miami nightlife scene to change the industry from within, in a way that benefits local artists, artisans, musicians, and DJs. Our events introduced Miami locals and tourists to events custom-made for the creative and vibrant communities that make up our Magic City. We also now offer bespoke VIP Experiences in Miami for locals, tourists, and companies alike.

Carpe Noctis has taken it's winning formula from Miami to expand into VIP experience trips in Miami and abroad. Our experience crafting and hosting unique VIP experiences has armed us with the skills and inside knowledge to give you the absolute best vacations and getaways possible in international hotspots. Seize the day, seize the night, and travel like you never have before with Carpe Trips.

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